1. inneroptics:

    Veen, Louise van der

  2. preppybythegraceofgod:

    A fragrant odour of the choicest weeds, A hum of voices, pitched in high-born tones; A score of fellows, some of our best breeds, The Heir-apparent to the British throne; Soft-footed flunnery tending to their needs- The vintage in request tonight is Beaune- Luxurious lounging chairs, well-stuffed settees, An air of lavishness, and task and ease.
    {‘The smoke room at the M-Club.}

  3. vintagesportspictures:

    2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment Officers Rowing Crew (1896)

  4. realhistoricalpatterns:

    Completely unmarked pattern. Guestimate 1880s-1890s gentleman’s pocket vest/jacket.

    Even larger (read: massive) image of the pattern can be found here:http://libmma.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/search/field/relatig/searchterm/Costume%20Institute%20Fashion%20Plates/mode/exact

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  5. kirikomade:

    Vintage Martial Arts Jacket. Dyed with Japanese ai-zome indigo, the dye fades beautifully over time. #vintage #japanese #indigo #fade #antique #kiriko #kirikomade www.kirikomade.com

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  6. victorianizer:

    For no one knew how to draw proper menswear better than Joseph Christian Leyendecker.

  7. realhistoricalpatterns:

    1921 McCall Men’s new shirt.

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  8. mote-historie:

    Shirt Collars


    Photo by  Paul Wolff and Alfred Tritschler

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  10. voxsart:

    The Japanese Suit.

    Prince Akihito.